Specialist Services

Covert Security Limited offers its clients a diverse range of bespoke specialist services at a corporate, governmental and individual level. We provide:

Surveillance and

Master Planning and
Risk Assessment

On-Site Security

Equipment Sourcing

Intelligence and
Evidence Gathering

Hazard Mitigation

Our Specialist Services include

Critical Infrastructure Planning

We specialise in delivering a “Master Security Plan” for airports, prisons and other iconic sites, including penetration exercises to test the vulnerability and resilience of these premises.

We provide our clients with detailed and comprehensive threat assessment reports that set out how to avoid disruptions and manage major critical incidents.

Corporate Due Diligence

Covert Security Limited offers its clients peace of mind during corporate negotiations, including joint ventures, acquisitions and international expansion. Decisions involving significant business moves, large-scale acquisitions, new partnerships, and expanding operations into new countries inevitably involve discrete but detailed investigations. Our due diligence capabilities provide our clients with expansive risk management and minimise business risks. The level of due diligence will always be bespoke, depending on the organisation and the individual.

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